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Quotes I received my Dress Tech large hip pads and Aphrodite large breast forms two weeks ago and could not be happier! The hip pads make all the difference in the world in how I look and walk. And the breast forms feel so natural and a part of me. It was so confidence inspiring that I actually went for a drive (not unusual) through busy areas (very unusual) and ended up shopping inside a Dillards store (unthinkable just 2 weeks ago). More then anything, the look and feel just gave me this incredible confidence and it wasn't just a placebo; I did not get one double-take or extended look/stare which is what would usually happen in the distant past when I'd build up the courage to go into a store or outside my car. The hip pads are truly an amazing product and I'm so glad Judi talked to me about the Aphrodite breast forms when I was interested in the considerably cheaper ones. They look and feel amazing!!! They are expensive, but it was so worth it!! Thank you Judi for all your help! Quotes
Brave without reservation

Quotes Like many PT girls, i often had to draw a line between what i wanted and what would work within my budget, since the items would be worn consistently. After a few years of homemade pads, and cheap and thin pads, i splurged and ordered the Big Girl pads for myself. I could not be happier!!! The pads add the curves and weight to my hips that I have always wanted, the edges blend seamlessly beneath a single layer, my clothes look and fit better, and I feel sexier and more confident! The attention to detail, durabilitiy, and comfort of this item was well worth the cost. When worn under a foundation garment, they do not shift, but flex and move with every twist and turn of my body. I am 6'4", 215#, and the big girl pads are perfect for my body shape. Thank you to DressTech and the intelligent and thoughtful minds behind your wonderful product. Quotes
PT girl

Quotes OMG! Thank you thank you thank you for inventing these!! :-D They were so easy to put on, and look just amazing. I will never ever crossdress without them again! You guys have serious talent, and have made this girl very happy. Love, Camille Quotes
Camille Green
Be Green with envy, girls!

Quotes I searched and debated the many different types and price ranges. Finally picking these. Apparently it's a "why try the rest when you've found the best" kind of situation. I ordered mine through Amazon and I received them in a very timely manner. Once they were out of the package I was like a whirl wind in my closet trying on as much as I could. The change in the shape of my body was amaze-balls. Two weeks later they were put to the perfect test at the Esprit conference in Port Angeles, Wa.. My body never in my wildest dreams looked so feminine. Thank you so much ladies for doing what you do, it's amazing. Never been happier! Quotes
Hourglass happy

Quotes I just bought some too and they arrived today. All I can say is wow! They have smooth edges and once on you can't see any bulges at all. A couple of pairs of pantyhose and you can't tell they are there - apart from the nice shaped hips that is! They are going to work so well under so many different clothes ... Love it! Quotes
Sexy Lynne

Quotes Fantastic! Every CD girl needs these. They are a must! I love them!!! Quotes
Now Passable CD

Quotes I received my hip pads the other day. I just love the way they feel and enhance my hips. These give me the natural looking curves that I've been looking for. They are light weight, flexible, and move easily with the body. Couldn't be happier! Thanks!!!!! Quotes

Quotes My new hips arrived. Tried them on and was instantly pleased with the form and fit. Didn't need to use the spray stick as hose slid right over them and keep them in place. Renne..... Quotes
Happy camper !!!

Quotes Just received my Big Girl pads. They are unbelievable! Put them on with a pair of pantyhose to hold in place. Perfect! Now I can't put on a pair of jeans standing up. I have to lay on the bed to get the skinny jeans over my hips and butt! My body has a true hourglass profile. Went from 37" hips to 42" in minutes. This girl is really rockin' her 42-29-42 body! Gotta run. Need to shop for new clothes to fit. :) Thanks Judi and Diana for making me feel special. Quotes
Curvy Gal

Quotes I'm a Cis female whose life was changed completely when these showed up at my door. I can't thank you enough. I have a large bust, shoulder and waist and these gave me balance. I had a hard time dressing well. I had to walk around underweight to feel just okay with my shape. Not anymore. I am a healthy weight and I love my new shape. My husband calls them my leg wonder bra. I would recommend these to anyone who wants realistic, beautiful, shapely hips. I wish I could post a picture. It's night and day. Thank you so much! Quotes
Cis female with no hips- these are amazing
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