Beautiful Technology For The Crossdressing
And Transgender Community

1" Silicone Hip Pads

"These Hips Don't Lie" - Shakira

A human recognizes the gender of another human in .6 seconds, and the ratio between hips and shoulders plays a major role in that identification. Women have wider hips than shoulders, and men have wider shoulders than hips. As a result, no matter how beautiful the makeup and clothing, slim-hipped transgender women are often instinctively read as men. 

DressTech has developed realistic silicone hip pads to provide you with feminine waist-to-hip proportions. The premium silicone warms to your body temperature and conforms to your every move. The thin edges blend beneath tights or pantyhose, becoming invisible to sight and touch. They look, feel and move like you.

DressTech products are reinforced with durable mesh materials and guaranteed to last! 


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 4.5 lb (set)

Customer Review


  • Wear them with a cincher and butt pads for extreme curves.
  • Wear them under high quality dancing tights from Capezio.
  • Consider wearing a base layer of crotchless pantyhose for restroom convenience.